ANTH-2301  Physical Anthropology
This course provides an overview of human origins and biocultural adaptions. It also introduces methods and theory in the excavation and interpre- tation of material remains of past cultures.
ANTH-2302  Introduction to Archeology
This course is a study of human history which describes the major cultural developments in humanity's past and explores the methods used by archeologists to retrieve, process, and analyze material remains of past cultures.
ANTH-2346  General Anthropology
Following principles of physical and cultural anthropology, this course analyzes the cultures of prehistoric and existing preliterate people and the impact of modern western culture.
ANTH-2351  Cultural Anthropology
This course provides a survey of cultures around the world in order to explain the key concepts, methods, and theories used in the study of cultural diversity, social institutions, linguistics, and change among world peoples.