ASTR-1403  Stars and Galaxies
An introductory course that will concentrate on the origin, life and fate of the stars, star clusters, galaxies, and cosmology. An appropriate lab program will include lab experiments, telescope observations, field trips, and Internet research. This is a course for non-science majors who need natural science credit or anyone interested in the study of the universe.
 Spring_2019_(16_Weeks) - 3 section(s)
 Fall_2018 - 1 section(s)
 SUMMER_11_2018 - 1 section(s)
 Spring_2018 - 3 section(s)
 FALL_2017 - 1 section(s)
 SPRING_2017 - 2 section(s)
ASTR-1404  Solar System
Introductory planetary astronomy course which includes basic material on the history of astronomy, physics of planetary motion, the nature of light, operation of telescopes, formation of solar system, terrestrial planets, Jovian planets, Kuiper Belt objects, comets, and asteroids. Lab includes observing the stars, nebulae, galaxies, planets, and a variety of exercises in observational astronomy.
 Spring_2019_(16_Weeks) - 1 section(s)
 Fall_2018 - 3 section(s)
 Spring_2018 - 1 section(s)
 FALL_2017 - 2 section(s)
 SPRING_2017 - 1 section(s)