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Institutional Research and Effectiveness
ITMT-1357  Admin Windows Server OS
A study of administrative tasks needed to maintaina Windows Server operating system including userand group management, network assess and datasecurity. Topics include how to implement,configure and manage Group Policy infrastructure,Group Policy objects (GPOs) using links, security groups, WMI filters, loopback processing,preference targeting and troubleshooting policy application.
 Spring_2019_(16_Weeks) - 1 section(s)
 Fall_2018_mini_2 - 1 section(s)
ITMT-1358  Windows Client Op System
A study of Windows operating system; installation,configuration, and troubleshooting; filemanagement; users accounts and permissions;security features; network connectivity; setup ofexternal devices; optimization and customization;and deployment of application, with hand-onexperience.
 Spring_2019_(16_Weeks) - 1 section(s)
 Spring_2019_(mini_1-8_Weeks) - 1 section(s)
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