WLDG-1323  Welding Safety, Tools & Equip
An introduction to welding careers, equipment and safety practices, including OSHA standards for industry.
 Fall_2018 - 6 section(s)
WLDG-1407  Intro to Welding
Basic welding techniques using some of thefollowing processes: Oxy-fuel welding (OFW) andcutting, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gasmetal arc welding (GMAC), and gas tungsten arcwelding (GTAW).
 Spring_2018 - 6 section(s)
WLDG-1413  Intro to Blueprint Reading
A study of industrial blueprints. Emphasis placedon terminology, symbols, graphic description, andwelding processes. Includes systems ofmeasurement and industry standards. Also includesinterpretation of plans and drawings used byindustry to facilitate field application andproduction.
 Fall_2018 - 3 section(s)